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QUEtheSUN started out as a simple idea, a challenge to myself: Write complete songs. I’d spent the 20 years prior crafting jingles, scores, and sound-scapes for all manner of media- TV advertising, sports broadcast themes and underscores, background music in television shows, videogame tracks, and on and on… This is a wonderfully challenging and diverse way to make a living and build a career, yet, at the same time, I kept quietly wondering, “CAN I write an actual song?” Over the years, I’d often slip into the studio once the day’s work had been completed to capture an idea, record a riff, look for inspiration… This produced seeds: partial demos, and a few basic song structures, but nothing that said, “This is what lives within me.”


So in 2015, after years of prattling on about “Someday,” I committed myself to see this through: “Write 10 complete songs, any style, no rules. Just create whatever oozes out of your skull.” Some were born out of 20-year old riffs, others from nothing more than my willingness to be open in the moment.


The name comes from a movie line I’d heard, many years ago. There, the “sun” was an instrument of deception, designed to keep the wool pulled over unsuspecting eyes. Here, it is to illuminate those deceptions within - the lies we all tell ourselves, to cover insecurities, uncertainties, regrets, and fear of the unknown. It is only when I light my darkness that I can see a better way.


These songs, and the lyrics they house, are the music I hear in my head when I’m free to simply be. These lyrics are snapshots of my hopes, dreams, failures, successes, and experiences that have shaped my past and led me to here -  my voice. 


Enjoy (At great volume…).

Recorded and mixed by: Brian B. Reidinger at In The Groove Music, Studio ‘A’ and Studio ‘B,’ Independence, MN

Produced by: Brian Reidinger

Mastered by: Bruce Templeton, Microphonic Mastering

All songs written by: Brian B. Reidinger 

All songs published by: Reuben Riffs, Inc.


Written, recorded , and mixed over a 4-year period from May, 2015 through August 2019.


Brian B. Reidinger:

Drums, percussion, bass, acoustic and electric guitars, organ, piano, background vocals.


Mark Westlund:

All lead vocals, background vocals, patience…


Mark Woerpel:

Guitar: Lead, rhythm, acoustic, classical, mandolin, sounds of chaos, guidance… 


Additional contributions:

  • Drew Lerdal: rhythm guitars, tonal guidance.

  • Becky Shaheen: Background vocals.

  • Brian Casey: Background vocals.

  • Mikaela Jensen: Background vocals

  • Gavin Linnihan: Tamborine


Front and Back cover photos by: Brian B. Reidinger

Logo design: Chris Bartels

Layout: Seth Lienard/Fretless Marketing


Mark Westlund

Guitar, Acoustic guitar, other stringed instrument things, therapeutic conversation…


I’ve known Mark Woerpel for many years. I called him out of the blue years ago to introduce myself (I was a fan of his band and his playing in particular). He was “cautiously friendly,” for which I was grateful. Years later, I wound up playing drums in his band, “Warp Drive.” Years after that, I started my business and would occasionally hire Mark to compose and produce for us - roles he steps into even as I type. His support and encouragement, along with his wonderful guitar playing made this entire endeavor possible for me. Every time I doubted myself, Mark offered support, sage wisdom, and a well-timed “push” forward. We should all be so fortunate as to have such a person in our lives.

Mark Woerpel

 Lead vocals, background vocals, interpretation, patience…


I owe a great debt of gratitude to Mark Westlund for taking the project on. As the music evolved, so did the lyrical content and the vocal arrangements. Without a shred of doubt or impatience, Mark sang what I asked, repeated it until I said “stop,” and offered beautiful melodic and phrasing suggestions based upon his many years of experience. This project simply would not be what it is without Mark’s voice and creative mindset. 

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