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Born and raised in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, Brian Reidinger discovered a love for music at an early age, and a love of the drums at age 11 (April 6th, 1974, 10:30-ish at night to narrow it down a bit) while witnessing Deep Purple’s appearance at the “California Jam,” broadcast on ABC’s short-lived concert series, “In Concert.” Clichéd as it sounds, that moment struck this young boy like a proverbial ‘bolt of lightening;’ “THAT’S what I want to do for the rest of my life!” His parents were understandably skeptical…

45+ years later, Brian has played on hundreds of recordings, performed untold sums of live gigs, and in the mid 90’s co-founded “In The Groove Music,” a Minneapolis, MN based music, sound, and publishing enterprise that has, for the past 25 years, created original music for advertising, television programming, movies, video games, represented young up and coming artists to the media world, and on ad on… Starting as the main composer, his role evolved to encompass H.R. management, along with overseeing all legal and financial aspects of the organization.

Yet beyond all of that, it is his simple love of music, sound, drumming, and the universal language of communication it represents; composing, recording, producing, collaboration… that have kept him active, engaged, and excited about what comes next. Write. Play. Record. Mix. Express…

If you’re interested in having Brian play drums on your next recording, co-write, produce, and/or mix, he would love to be involved. Please fill out the contact form below for rates, terms, availability, and a list of the equipment populating his home studio.


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