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When I’m on the road to hell
Helps me find my way back home again

Don’t feed me like before Don’t “understand” my needs Just leave me evermore
On my own again...

Out of the corners of my insight I see yesterday I hear the voices and see the choices
That I refused to make
They deceived me, swept me off my feet Whispered in my ears:

“Come all the way down” All the way down...

If I’m wrapped around your finger And you’re trapped inside my brain

Take me away from here
And give me asylum
Show me a way that’s clear
I’m taking you with me, all the way down All the way down

Just close your eyes
Don’t watch me drift away this time
Wrapped up in shame
I wander out like a prop in the god masquerade Masquerade (x4)
Don’t you ask me why!

Methadone keeps me all alone

I cannot fight this anymore
I cannot live here like before
It gives me hope that I’ll survive tonight Won’t roll the dice on one great lie this time Just pull the trigger and close your eyes

Just close your eyes tonight

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